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Russian language teacher on Skype with the production of the correct pronunciation.

This lessons are on Skype conversations. We will learn to correctly pronounce the sounds of the Russian language and the grammar structures of phrases and dialogue.

I use the viewing of a different visual materials, a listening to audio and video on the lessons.

My lessons on thrainig Russian language to foreigners go on 50 minutes or more as desired the student.

About me

  • I have a diploma with honors majoring in «Speech therapist» and The Master’s degree on «Pedagogy».
  • I am a member of the Guild of Speech therapists and Special theachers on the logopedic portal «Logomag.»
  • I have the professional experience for 6 years. And i have some experience of teaching Russian foreign students.
  • I develop an individual training program for my students and to adjust a material for lessons to the interests of the student.

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